How Can Homes Be Water Damaged?

If there is one thing that I love and hate, it’s water.

It sounds weird, right? Especially because water is an essential element, an important part of our lives. Our body is even majorly composed of water, which just shows how important it is to life.

So why hate it? Well, you can say it’s not really hate that should be the term. More like, scared.


Well, because water is a big no no to paintings and photographs. a single drop of water on a canvas and a too much exposure to damp areas will result in a destroyed painting and a useless photograph.

This is the reason why I always make it a point to ensure that when I am working, there is no water near anywhere the area I am working. Water can really cause a lot of trouble when it is placed and exposed in areas where it should not be.

However, no matter how much effort you put in your home to prevent water damages from ever happening, at some point, you will experience it, no matter how small the water damage may be. This is because water is essential in our everyday lives. Hence we cannot always do away with it. As such, water accidents, no matter how minor, will sooner or later result to water damage areas in your home.

Another cause for water damages are the natural calamities that occur in our areas, such as floods.

It is for this reason that some homes opt to have their houses inspected by water damage companies or a flood cleanup company, ever so regularly, especially if there is already a history of flooding in the area. This maintenance and check-up allows them to minimize the hazards of water damage.


Take Action

Once you notice signs of water damage in your home, or you know that soon enough water damage will arise because you just had a recent piping incident or a flood just happened in your area, or any other water related incident for that matter, then you should take action and prevent more damage from ever occurring.

Water damage is not something that should be set aside. If anything, it should be given priority because it actually is one of the most damaging things in any home. Not only will it gradually eat up your home with infestations resulting to brittleness of your home, it would also expose you and your family, especially if you have children at home, into an environment with more viruses and bacteria.

Do not make water damages stay longer than they should and contact your local water damage company to handle them for you.

The Art of Plumbing

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More and more artists of the new generation are becoming aggressive in their pursuits to making something that is unique and new for the public and for all art lovers. Trying to be new in this field is something that most artist target and this is the very reason for the invention of newer forms or genres of art, which are pop-culture and contemporary art.

The modernism of art has its own ups and downs. Some classical artist would say that this forms of art has become ways and means for the less artistic to participate in a skill that they are never really good at, to begin with. They think that these younger artist are trying so hard that they have compelled to change the world of the Arts for them, instead of contributing to the traditional forms of art.

Some however, think that these new genres of art are very effective means to symbolize what has become of the world, at present. They accept the changes as something necessary and inevitable in order for art to survive the present era. After all, the things in the past are still treasured; only, they are enhanced in a way that the current generation could appreciate. Besides, it is the current generation that art caters to, now, not the dead people of the past.

Marco, a friend from Alabama, is into arts. He recently had his collection auctioned in an art exhibit and at such a young age, he was able to create pieces that had social significance, as well as artistic value.

He asked me to be the official photographer of the event. He wants his contemporary art to also exist in the form of pictures. He says that there is no harm in making sure his art lives longer and he wishes to achieve that through the actual art and through promotion via the pictures I will be taking from the event.

His artworks fall under the modern contemporary genre, and his worked focused on the misconception on how menial people think of some jobs. His artworks revolved around plumbing, or plumbers. He wants to give significance to the seemingly insignificant, and he chose plumbing because it seems to be one of the many neglected jobs by people, because they think that plumbing has no score in the world of professionalism.

He went to one of the top plumbing company in Alabama and interviewed plumbers regarding their take on their jobs. They shared that just like any other job, they require expertise and professionalism in order to function well. They also told Marco that while people think plumbing is something that could be done on their own, there is actually more to it than just twisting knobs and pipes. There is Science behind it, and there are ways to expand the effectiveness of a plumbing system, that all the expert plumbers in Anniston plumbing contractor are able to study and perfect, through the years in the business. They even added that their plumbing services would not have been liked by their customers if their work is only as basic as some people claim it to be.

Marco’s intentions in highlighting plumbing through art is for people to see that there is beauty and greatness in all forms of things, and this includes even plumbing.

What Real Beauty in Art Truly Means

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If you show an artwork to a regular person, or someone who isn’t particularly passionate about art in general, they will only qualify an artwork either as beautiful or ugly. When you ask them why they think so, then they would simply say they “look” beautiful or ugly. There is a disconnect, mainly because art has been commercialized only either as pretty or ugly.

If you however, present the same painting to people like me, who has deeper understanding and appreciation for art, you would probably get more than just the aesthetic appeal of an artwork. For us, artworks have got to have an emotional pull and a social relevance, presented in creative and unique ways. If they have these qualities, beyond their aesthetic appeal, they will be hailed beautiful indeed. Even when the artwork is something grotesque or painful to look at, if they penetrate to the emotion, they are still deemed beautiful in their own right.

I know this for a fact because I have grown and worked with art throughout my entire life. No, I am not an artist, nor am I an art owner, but I take photographs of as much art as I am permitted to take. I also do freelance jobs in art museums for events and this really gave me the opportunity to always be surrounded by wonderful pieces of art. When your life is exposed to the world of artists and their crafts, you will soon learn to love the craft yourself.

Beauty and knowing what it is all about, is one of the many reasons I engaged in this field. It is a fascinating topic, and I know that art could best explain it. Pair that with my passion for photography, I have become a collector of beautiful pictures and art works through every picture I take with care and passion.

My many years as a photographer has made me see all sorts of beautiful art. There are the artworks that depict the classic meaning of beauty, scar-free, light, clean. However, as art evolved, the meaning of beauty evolved with it, and now, even the most dark paintings and sculptures give out a beautiful and meaningful aura. Before, when something sad is depicted, it is associated as a not so pretty art work. However, nowadays, art pieces that can move a person to an emotion, whether it is of sadness or happiness, are considered wonderful art works and are worth so much value.

This being said, I could see that art is not just about looking pretty anymore. It is about making a connection, sending a message, and making people feel that beauty is something tangible, no matter what condition you are in. This goes to say that  art, like people, are beautiful no matter what, as long as they have good hearts.


Choosing the Right Art Piece for You

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I like photography and I like Art. Maybe one reason why I love both these things is because I am in constant search of the Art Piece that would one day represent my life.

Choosing the right piece of artwork that is perfect for yourself, whether you plan to display it in your home or for your office, is a very delicate task, especially if you are a genuine lover of the arts.

Some people purchase artworks and put them in their homes or in their offices just because it had the same color or because it looks formal or it feels good to have it hanging on the wall. These are valid reasons, of course, but these are the reasons of someone who is not into art that much. Because if it was an art lover in search for the perfect art piece to fit their home or office or garden or what-have-you, they will choose more carefully, and they will certainly have a theme in mind or a linear goal, so as not to make it look like they are collecting and displaying at random.

I have come across a lot of artworks and many of them are just breath-taking. I have taken photos of as much artworks as I could. When I am on break, I allot time to view them all again and I am reminded of their beauty. I also look over them again to see if one would truly and genuinely stick out, and would be “the one” for me. The one art that represent me entirely, completely and truthfully.

Certainly, it is difficult to understand art because it is always subjected to different kinds of interpretation. That it is why art lovers have it easier when understanding these things and works compared to individuals who either are new to loving and understanding art, or are skeptics of art.

To make it simpler to understand, you can compare the right choosing of artwork for your home as you would when you choose the right outfit and accessory for your body. You choose what you wear depending on the occasion you are attending, the need to dress well or simple or casual, the importance of how you look with regards to your goal or what you are trying to accomplish in that specified event or meeting, and the availability dresses and accessories that you have and how you can make what you have work out in order to achieve your desired end look.

The whole point is that there should be a complement between the artwork and the person who owns it. It may seem to be too much for work for others, but for genuine lovers of the art, I could not agree more. Artworks you come to love and buy for yourself are representations of your life. They make you happy, sad, emotional, or even skeptical, about life and everything that it has to offer. It is a reminder of your existence, and it adds beauty to your already colorful adventure.